What is THC-O?
THC-0 is all the things Delta-8 & Delta-9 are… But Better?

THC-0 is a Prodrug, meaning it doesn’t become active until after it is metabolized by the liver. So for some, the effects aren’t truly felt until 20-60 minutes after taking an oral dose of THC-0.

Users of THC-0 have a variety of experiences. Some say that it is very similar to Delta-8 and Delta-9, but BETTER! While others are comparing this cannabinoid to psychedelic mushrooms.

We have found that the main demographic that is wanting this unique cannabinoid are mostly between the ages of 21-35. These users are saying that they prefer THC-O over any other cannabinoid!

Regardless of the exact euphoria that is felt, users are loving the effects from THC-O! If you are a Smoke Shop or Dispensary & you don’t carry THC-O products, you need to contact us TODAY! I promise, this is something you want on your shelves! 
Another little bit of information about THC0 that will make you happy, is that it is a free flow liquid! Making it one of the easiest cannabinoids to work with, especially if you are making vapes with it! Check out our instagram for videos! 

Need to know more about THC-0

Be sure to do your research and only purchase pure cannabis products.

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