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You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been searching for a local Oregon-based company to provide you with all of your wholesale CBD needs. At Wholesale CBD Hub, we value the white label relationship we have with every wholesale partner we work with across the United States. We’re an experienced and quality-focused CBD wholesaler, ready to provide you with premium quality hemp and CBD wholesale products. As a service-driven company, Wholesale CBD Hub offers top-quality products made from natural ingredients. From naturally-processed bulk ingredients like CBG and CBD Rich Oils to our topical products, Wholesale CBD Hub is uniquely positioned to provide you with advantageous private labeling expertise as well as the best CBD and CBG Rich products in the Northwestern United States.

Wholesale CBD Hub Offers Competitive CBD Wholesaler Pricing

Because our wholesale partners are such a vital part of our business at Wholesale CBD Hub, we provide them with highly competitive pricing and premium discounts not available to the public CBD consumer. Contact us to set up a wholesaler account with us and to discover all of the great deals available for our locally grown and harvested CBD and CBG products!

The Latest Wholesale Products and Ingredients

At Wholesale CBD Hub, our wholesale CBD customers partner with us for a variety of products. Some of our most popular items include our classic formula CBD tinctures, CBG and CBD roll-Ons, and more. These have become increasingly popular as more people discover the natural benefits provided by CBD and other unique cannabinoids. When you partner with Wholesale CBD Hub for all of your white label CBD needs, we will ensure you are rewarded with the very best pricing and shipping options available in the marketplace. As your dedicated private label wholesale partner, we understand that we’re a valuable part of your supply chain, and we’re happy to pass along the savings and efficiencies to our wholesale partners.

Ready to Get Started in CBD Wholesale?

If you’ve been searching for the ideal CBD wholesale partner to meet the unique needs of your CBD-focused business, we invite you to set up a wholesale account with Wholesale CBD Hub today. Whether you’re in Arizona, California, Ohio, Texas, New York, or anywhere in between, get in touch with us if you have any questions – we’re ready to serve you and help your business achieve all of your enterprise goals.

Find the Best Wholesale Hemp at Wholesale CBD Hub

Looking for a dependable and customer-focused CBD wholesaler to partner with? Wholesale CBD Hub has the right combination of premium-quality products, dedicated service, and competitive bulk pricing to position your CBD business for success! In addition to bulk CBG isolates and distillates, we can also offer a top tier selection of delta 8 private label products and D10 products that are ideally suited for our wholesale partners. From raw hemp to bulk concentrates, Wholesale CBD Hub has the wholesale products and supply chain solutions your business needs to stay ahead of the competition!

We Know That Quality Makes a Difference

Whether you’re seeking third-party inspected bulk Delta 8 or premium-quality hemp harvested and processed right here in the USA, Wholesale CBD Hub offers a full suite of wholesale solutions to enhance your operation. Our team knows that quality hemp clone strains are only possible when the right cultivation and processing solutions are already put into place. We’ve worked hard to hone and perfect our process, and we pride ourselves on the top tier quality of our hemp clone strains. We can offer our wholesale partners bulk CBD and CBG isolates and distillates that are organic and third-party laboratory tested for greater quality assurance.

When you trust your wholesale partner and the ingredients they use to formulate your products, your customers trust you and enjoy greater peace of mind. All of our wholesale products are finished with quality and potency in mind, and our high percentage Delta 8 Distillate, bulk CBD Isolate, and more are sure to satisfy even the most discerning and experienced of customers. Ask us about our special bulk pricing and wholesale solutions to learn more about Wholesale CBD Hub and our competitive wholesale advantage.

Stock Your Shelves with Popular Products

In addition to our popular bulk hemp and tincture formulations, Wholesale CBD Hub offers a wide range of other high-demand items including pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, bath products, pet products, and more. Our products are specially formulated to address a wide range of experiences and potency always plays a major role in the popularity of our products. If you have any questions about our wholesale solutions or if you’re ready to partner with a wholesale hemp clone supplier committed to your success, whether you’re in Arizona, California, Ohio, Texas, New York or anywhere in between, get in touch with Wholesale CBD Hub today!

Randomized Controlled Trial: Health and Wellness Benefits of Topical CBD

The Journal of Hand Surgery recently published a randomized clinical trial where researchers administered a topical formula containing hemp-derived CBD, which showed significant health and wellness improvements in patients with thumb basal joint arthritis

Researchers with the University of Virginia School of Medicine assessed the twice-daily application of 1 ml of topical CBD (6.2 mg/ml) with shea butter versus placebo in 18 patients with symptomatic thumb basal joint arthritis.

Investigators reported, “Cannabidiol treatment resulted in improvements from baseline among patient-reported outcome measures, including Visual Analog Scale; Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand; and Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation scores, compared to the control arm during the study period.”

They concluded, “In this single-center, randomized controlled trial, topical CBD treatment demonstrated significant improvements in thumb basal joint wellness.” 

Canadian survey data published earlier this month in the journal, Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology reported that one in five patients with arthritis acknowledges using cannabis therapeutically.

At Wholesale CBD Hub, we care about your health and wellness, and we will continue to share and provide you with helpful tips and breaking insights. Our products go beyond just recreational use; we will continue to find new ways to provide superior benefits to all our customers, no matter their individual issues or health and wellness goals. 

We invite you to explore our complete line of products, specially formulated from USDA Certified CBD. Check out our premium-quality CBG/CBD Isolate, CBD flower, Hemp Clones, Water Soluble CBD, and much more. 

At Wholesale CBD Hub, we are a Wholesale CBD Private Label Company, and we can ship anywhere! We have partners in Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, Wisconsin, you name it, we can ship it. We would be happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding our products, ingredients, or quality control measures. For any other questions regarding our Wholesale CBD Company, check out our website at https://wholesalecbdhub.com/

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