The Entourage Effect is a Phenomenon all on its own!

Enhanced Efficiency of all Compounds

The Entourage Effect is an incredible phenomenon where several different compounds work in harmony to achieve the desired effect that would be impossible for each compound to achieve on its own.

Between the Hemp & Marijuana plants, there are more than 400 hundred unique compounds, each affecting the human body differently. There are over 100 cannabinoids, 200+ terpenes, as well as many other flavonoids and miscellaneous compounds. These compounds are a mix of active as well as inactive compounds. Some are even psychoactive, such as the well-known Delta-8 and THC.

When these same compounds are placed together, the effect of one compound can be pronounced, and sometimes one can diminish the effect of another compound. This way one compound can become more or less effective when combined with another one. On some occasions, a compound that is thought to be inactive can become active in combination with other compounds!

It is similar to being an individual working towards a goal. Likely, you will eventually reach your goal, it just may take longer and be much harder going at it alone. However, if you have a team where everyone has a part to play and can work together in harmony towards the same goal, not only are you more likely to reach your goal, but you will likely reach it much faster.

The entourage effect does not automatically translate into “the only way.” Most can agree that working together with a team or support system will likely make the experience run smoother. Especially, one where each individual has a job, or a purpose to reach the end goal.

While the Entourage Effect is extremely appealing and most who know about it want to have that rather than settling on taking just distillate or isolate CBD. The main issue is if the individual will need to pass a drug test. Full-spectrum CBD oil does contain a trace of THC. Although the amount of THC is below 0.2%, so below the legal limit, this trace amount of THC can still cause a positive drug test result. Many athletes, law enforcement, or those whose jobs demand regular drug testing, just cannot afford to take this risk. For these kinds of CBD users, we suggest using a Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD product. This way you can still experience the entourage effect with other cannabinoids (such as CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBC, etc.) combined, without taking the chance of having any THC within the product.

The Entourage Effect works amazing for our Endocannabinoid System. For those of you who do not know, every Mammal is born with an Endocannabinoid System within their body. The best way to awaken this system is to feed it with cannabinoid compounds within the Entourage effect.

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